happy buyers

Dear Ruta,

We are in love with our beautiful kitten, Skylar. From the moment I contacted you, you were wonderful: you responded to all my questions promptly, you went above and beyond what I expected by picking me up from the airport! And, you have raised beautiful kittens! Skylar is an absolute joy. He is so friendly, sweet, curious and playful.... we have so much fun with him.

Thank you so much,
Robin & Marc Blass

The Ford family has have the pleasure of owning; more accurately, being owned by cats for over forty seven years now, We have loved them all. But, we have a particular place in our heart for Toby, who we have had in our family for a little over a week now. The breeder, Ruta, went out of her way to make sure that Toby was safe and comfortable in his trip to our home in Philadelphia. Toby is playful, affectionate, and in a word- delightful!

Hi Ruta,
Millie is doing fine!! She is very social and explores our top two floors. She sleeps a lot during the day, and is very playful in the evening. She follows all of us around while she is awake, and her favorite place to sleep is on my desk or in my desk chair. She and our dog are getting closer, but she still hisses when the dog gets within 2 feet. Thankfully our dog is very timid and keeps her distance. She cobbles up the wet food ad eats dry food all day. We LOVE her so much. Thank you for raising such a wonderful little girl!!