about us

First of all this is what we love to do. And real passion is tangible. At Elite Kitten we are specializing in breeding Colorpoint Persians, also called Himalayans. Our breeding quality is at the highest standards; which results in very strong bloodlines.

We have assembled a high quality and special breeding program for Himalayans. This program assures you that you will not only receive a very special new friend, but also a healthy and strong one too.

We are a reliable source when it comes to breeding cats. And this is why:

  • Officially registered with the CFA;
  • Member of the TICA Atlantic Himalayan club;
  • All kittens are vaccinated for PKD (Polycystic Kidney Disease);
  • All parents are health checked by a lab (with certification)
  • All kittens leave no earlier than 16 weeks old;
  • A second vaccination for the safety of the kitten and the new owner;
  • Dewormed and flea free;
  • Kittens are checked by vet;
  • All kittens are FELV,FIVneg (viruses).

Only the best from Elite Kitten.

So are you looking for a new friend who will love to share the rest of his/her life with you?  When the cat is happy the new owner will also be happy.

From day one we overwhelm our kittens with the best and love in every way, from food to teaching them habits and from the right attention to toys. They are all raised as family members. One thing is for sure they were born in a warm home.

  1. Extraordinary Quality
  2. Raised with Love
  3. Quality. Value. Integrity
  4. Guaranteed Healthy & Happy
  5. Purrr-fection
  6. Quality Bred & Raised
  7. Healthy. Lively.Happy.
  8. Unequalled Value & Quality
  9. One of a kind beauty
  10. Offering the very best
  11. Our cats are our pride
  12. Healthy and Loveable