New Kittens Available

*Note - pricing is subject to change pending on quality (pet/show) of kitten as he/she grows

Kitten #1 - $900

Ready for adoption-Flame point altered boy with super sweet personality! Very vocal and playful.

Kitten #2 - $650

Adoption ready- Flame point doll face girl with darker blue eye gene. Playful and loving personality, very attached to people and wants to be involved into everything what’s going on!

Kitten #3 - $650 (SOLD)

Adoption ready- Flame point doll face girl with very hard to come across personality! I’ve had many litters of kittens and this girl is the sweetest girl kitten so far! Loves to cuddle and constantly rubs her face against mine for kisses. Playful and super attached...

Kitten #4 - $1500 as a Pet

Adoption ready- Pet, breeding or show quality blue lynx boy. Super sweet and loving personality, loves lots of kisses and prefers to sleep on the bed or my night stand. Short and chubby body structure, and very fluffy.

Or can Be adopted for breeding and show purposes with additional breeders fee. (approval needed)

Kitten #5 - $1500

Adoption ready- Blue lynx boy with dark eye gene (eye color is changing back and forth and getting darker till 1.5 years old and then settle). Most accurate color right now is in pictures 2,3 and baby pictures. This gene is very rear and the color becomes anywhere between electric and topaz blue . Could be gorgeous loving pet and also qualifies for breeding or show purposes (approval needed)
Very playful and sweet personality.

Kitten #6 - $1250 (SOLD)

Adoption ready-Seal point altered already boy. Super soft and fluffy, loving and playful. Has very solid and short body and because of his fur he looks like a baby bear . He is always around no matter where in the house you are. He is likes to ,,talk “ but he is very soft spoken and that sounds so adorable.

Kitten #2 - Bicolor Himalayan Boy - $1500 (SOLD)

Kitten #3 - Bicolor Himalayan Boy - $1500 (SOLD)

Delivery Available for an additional fee

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